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RBMA: Revenue Based Marketing Advisors operates on the principle that every marketing dollar should drive revenue.

We specialize in empowering B2B agencies, service providers, SaaS companies, and product firms to accelerate revenue growth through optimized, full-funnel marketing seamlessly integrated with sales efforts. unlike typical consultancies, we combine deep expertise in both sales/business development and marketing. Our unique approach removes barriers between sales and marketing, transforming them into a cohesive, powerful growth engine that delivers exceptional results.

Our Founder & Strategic Leader


Kerry Curran's passion for marketing, business development, and growth strategy has been the driving force behind her career since earning her MBA from University College Dublin in 2003. With two decades of leadership experience at premier agencies such as iProspect, Catalyst Digital Marketing, Digitas, GroupM, and Gen3 Marketing, Kerry has consistently crafted and executed innovative marketing and growth strategies for both clients and agencies, cementing her reputation as a visionary in the industry.

Strategic Business Acumen


Kerry holds a remarkable track record of driving double and triple-digit revenue growth, fueled by her comprehensive strategic business acumen, digital marketing expertise, and growth-oriented, innovative mindset. Her leadership excellence shines in transforming agency and new business infrastructures to boost revenue, addressing challenges with a proactive, entrepreneurial approach, and delivering rapid, scalable solutions. Kerry excels in pivoting business strategies to achieve outstanding results, consistently demonstrating her ability to lead and innovate in dynamic environments.


Executive Leader & Board Member


Kerry is an experienced and distinguished Executive Committee Officer, serving as a key member of C-Suite, Executive Leadership Boards, and Corporate Advisory Boards. He shapes corporate leadership and growth strategies for business units ranging from 60 to 1,500 employees. In these roles, Kerry has influenced annual planning, corporate strategy and initiatives, board decisions, product and solution evolution, and talent management, always with a focus on revenue and company growth.


Revenue Growth Expert


With over 20 years of experience in driving profitable business growth, Kerry is a master at selling and marketing to both agency and brand marketers. As the head of marketing and business development, she has led initiatives resulting in triple-digit revenue increases, consistently finding innovative ways to boost revenue. Kerry has been a key strategic sales driver, spearheading all facets of agency new business growth, from enhancing brand awareness to acquiring new clients. Her expertise in both nurturing existing client bases and attracting new ones makes her an invaluable asset in achieving exceptional revenue growth.


Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer Expertise


With a revenue-based marketing philosophy, Kerry has led strategic initiatives and managed marketing teams to improve all marketing and brand awareness metrics. She has revitalized 15+ year-old legacy agency brands twice, positioning them as industry leaders, and built high-performing sales and marketing teams that drove brand awareness, lead generation, and client acquisition.

Most recently, Kerry developed an integrated marketing and sales infrastructure that drove a 51% year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth in Q1 and increased qualified leads by 204% YoY in Q1. By re-establishing the legacy agency brand as an industry leader through strategic content creation and promotion, she significantly boosted brand visibility, prospect engagement, and the number of qualified leads, resulting in increased revenue.


Expertise in Effective Business Transformation


Kerry excels at transforming and building high-performing business units and team structures, strategically prioritizing goals and resources to maximize revenue impact. Her dedication to coaching and mentoring ensures exceptional team performance and high retention rates, while her collaborative approach fosters innovation and efficiency across teams, business units, and global counterparts.

Kerry's focus on process improvement and efficiency has led to remarkable results, including a 23% improvement in the sales close rate and a 50% reduction in the sales cycle. She successfully implemented a CRM system for lead and sales tracking, revamped solution packaging, and optimized marketing and pricing strategies, all of which contributed to increased profitability and higher average contract values. Kerry's ability to drive business transformation and achieve tangible results makes her a key player in any growth-oriented organization.


Omnichannel & Digital Marketing Expertise


Kerry brings extensive expertise across all sectors of strategic marketing, from brand building to conversion through digital, e-commerce, and retail media/online marketplace strategy and execution. She excels at solving client business challenges through custom solutions derived from a diverse portfolio of capabilities. She has expertise in integrated media planning processes across various performance and emerging media channels.

Her leadership in cross-functional teams has delivered exceptional client results, increasing the client base and revenue by 27%. She trained practitioners to optimize digital campaigns, expanding client portfolios with new services and channels. As the US national sales manager, Kerry led a consultative sales team and digital marketing strategists, driving net-new and organic revenue growth by effectively selling to agencies and direct brands. Her strategic approach and dedication to talent management and resource optimization have been pivotal in achieving sustained business success.


Client, Resource, & Talent Management


Kerry has forged strong executive partnerships with Fortune 500 clients and agency leaders, enhancing relationships and channel integration while providing strategic thought leadership. Her efforts have driven multi-year double-digit growth in client base, headcount, and revenue. Notably, Kerry has expertly managed a team of over 100 members serving 55 clients, achieving triple-digit growth through full-funnel brand-to-sales strategies. She also boasts a high retention rate among her direct reports and has achieved top team net promoter scores. Kerry's coaching and mentoring approach cultivates high-performing teams, driving both individual and collective success.


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